The Resolution from the Movie Courageous

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In the movie COURAGEOUS, the police drama from Sherwood Pictures creators of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, four men discover honor begins at home. In Courageous we watch and cheer for the central characters as they become resolute in their commitment to God and family. Their resolution comes only after tragedy leaves them wrestling with how they dedicate themselves to their career, in contrast to their faith, families, hopes and fears. The movie Courageous shows why men, and women, must courageously fight to raise children in a God-honoring way when it is so easy to naturally gravitate towards others things that may come much easier.

Born out of the new film Courageous, are the inspiring books THE RESOLUTION FOR MEN and THE RESOLUTION FOR WOMEN, as well as the commemorative RESOLUTION replica certificate and framed prints.

Resolution Books

The Resolution for Men Alex Kendrick Stephen Kendrick

THE RESOLUTION BOOK FOR MEN - Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick
The Resolution for Men challenges men to become bold and embrace their responsibilities as leaders of their homes, marriages and children. It is designed to inspire a revolution.

The Resolution Men's Pack

The Resolution Men's Pack
Includes the Resolution Book, the Resolution Certificate as seen in the movie, and a free wristband. Only $16.99 ($29.99 value) THE RESOLUTION MEN'S PACK »

Resolution Commemorative Certificates

Resolution Certificates from the Movie Courageous

RESOLUTION PRINTS - framed and unframed, family edition
The RESOLUTION certificate seen in COURAGEOUS, available framed and unframed, with spaces for accountability partners to sign. Family edition includes photo opening for a reminder of your reason to make a commitment.
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"But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Courageous books and certificates are from the same creators of Christian living products born out of the movie Fireproof, including NY TIMES bestseller; The Love Dare book by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Courageous is the next motion picture from Sherwood Pictures, the film ministry behind Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. Continue the take action stories experienced at movie theaters with these and other resources available from Outreach, Inc.

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New Love Dare for Parents Bundle
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As seen in the movie.
RESOLUTION CERTIFICATE Buy Resolution certificate document seen in Courageous Buy Resolution certificate document seen in Courageous


Resolution Replica Certificates, Framed Prints, Family Edition learn more about the Resolution certficates inspired by Courageous